M25 junction 25 improvements rated as ‘excellent’


26 Nov 2021

Our project to reduce congestion and delays at a busy junction on the M25 has been rated excellent by an independent organisation aimed at raising standards within the construction industry.

M25 junction 25 improvements rated as ‘excellent’

An independent assessor from the Considerate Construction Scheme (CCS) recently visited our site at the M25 junction 25 and scored it across five key areas of consideration, including how clean, safe and environmentally responsible the site is, whether the site is respectful and considerate to its neighbours and how responsible and accountable sites are.

Achieving a total of 40 out of 45, the project rated excellent in all five categories. Up to five additional points can also be awarded for innovation, meaning projects can score up to 50 in total.

Following the visit, the assessor praised GRAHAM, our delivery partner for the scheme, for its wellbeing provisions; commitment to a greener future and focus on sustainability; and communication with the local community via newsletters, social media and the project website.

Indy Grewal, our project manager for the scheme, said:

"We are always striving to improve how we work, and we’re delighted to get this positive independent feedback on how we’re doing. This is our second visit and we look forward to continuing to take onboard the recommendations to help us to deliver the scheme with consideration to our employees, stakeholders and customers."

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