Half term getaway: Plan ahead if you're crossing the Channel


27 May 2022

Advice if you're travelling to the ports and beyond

Half term getaway: Plan ahead if you're crossing the Channel

Half term is upon is and we're expecting a lot of traffic from across the country into our region.

If you’re travelling to Europe via Kent please take a few simple steps before you travel – they could save you from being disappointed and turned back at the border.

First off, check ahead with your operator before travelling. Please also be aware there are no ‘turn up and go’ tickets for today or this weekend.

Liverpool Football Club has already worked with travel operators and other KRF partners so the team’s supporters heading to the UEFA Champions League final in Paris tomorrow have tickets for their crossings.

There’s still reduced P&O ferry capacity at Dover and that means Operation Brock is still in use on the M20 to manage the flow of truck traffic heading to Europe. Traffic controls also apply at Brenley Corner – at Junction 7 of the M2 at Faversham – to ensure EU-bound HGVs are returned to the motorway to re-join the Brock system.

It means anyone driving in or through Kent should always check their route before travelling, allow plenty of time to get their destination and carry essentials including something to eat, drink, and any regular medication, in case of delays.

Keeping up to date with the latest traffic and travel news, including via @HighwaysSEAST @KentHighways @PoD_travelnews and #Eurotunnel @LeShuttle can also help avoid getting caught out in significant queues.