Abnormal load movement on A27 and A259 on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2022


24 Feb 2022

Abnormal load movement on A27 and A259 – 19 March 2022

We saw a slow-moving, abnormal load take to our roads in Sussex on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2022.

Two large pieces of equipment were taken 41 miles from Shoreham Port to National Grid’s substation near Ninfield, East Sussex. This is essential equipment to allow the National Grid to provide energy to homes and businesses.

Each load weighed over 300 tonnes and was over 70 metres long. Due to the complexity of moving equipment of this size, the A27 and A259 were chosen as the safest route for the convoy to take across the county.

Abnormal load on the A27 at Polegate

The load was escorted by the Police, who temporarily held traffic to allow the convoy to safely progress. 

The A27 between the Ashcombe roundabout and the Southerham roundabout was also closed to allow us to set up a temporary bridge so the convoy can safely cross the River Ouse. 

A27 at Lewes as the abnormal load past through

Thank you to everyone for your patience while we supported moving this essential equipment across East Sussex.