Our Route Strategies

Route strategies are a rolling programme setting out our plan for the strategic road network (SRN). They're a key research element underpinning the Road Investment Strategy (RIS), which informs the process of future road investment

Our route strategies

We've published our Route Strategies Initial Overview Reports

In 2022, we asked you to give us feedback about your experience of our strategic road network.

We've used the information you gave us to produce 20 Route Strategy Initial Overview Reports.

These reports feed into the Strategic Road Network (SRN) Initial Report which is also in consultation.

Route Strategy StoryMaps and Reports

Route Strategy Initial Overview Reports reports are one the key steps of initial research in developing the Road Investment Strategy (RIS).

To complement the reports, we have created a series of interactive, online StoryMaps, which summarise the full PDF reports.

You can use them to explore the routes that the reports cover and learn more about our proposals.

Explore our StoryMaps and Reports

Thank you for your feedback

Our engagement period on the initial Route Strategies documents closed on 11 August 2023.

Thank you for all the information you've given us. It will help us develop the final Route Strategy.

The Route Strategy will underpin the next Road Investment Strategy (RIS3 2025-2030). It will also inform our Strategic Business and Delivery Plans.

Our reports and Storymaps are still available for you.

Planning for the future

We are required to produce route strategies as a condition of our operating licence. They are the first stage of the RIS process that informs future decision making. The strategies themselves don't represent any commitment to funding or delivery.

We are preparing route strategies for RIS 3 (2025 to 2030) and beyond. These strategies cover our entire SRN and its role in connecting the country. They build on previous route strategies we developed in 2015 and 2017.

Our Route Strategy initial overview reports feed into the Strategic Road Network (SRN) Initial Report.

The SRN Initial Report is in formal consultation led by the Department for Transport.

Our approach

Initial overview reports are part of our phased approach to route strategy development.

Phase 1 - complete

A baseline review of all interventions we've identified through previous route strategies and subsequent network changes, consolidated into an easily accessible format.

Phase 2 - complete

We engage with interested parties and road users to understand their aspirations for the network.

Phase 3 - ongoing (2022-24)

We publish our high-level initial overview reports for each route, together with our Strategic Road Network Initial Report (SRNIR).

We perform a gap analysis between the current state and future requirements for our network. This will influence how we deliver work and investment in the RIS 3 period.

Vision for route strategies - planning for the future of our roads

Read more about how route strategies will help us plan for the future from 2025 onward.

Route strategies in RIS 2

Read more about how route strategies informed RIS2 (2020-2025)

Contact us

If you would like to know more about our progress or be involved in developing route strategies please email us at: routestrategies@nationalhighways.co.uk