Scheme details

Our proposals will improve safety, reduce congestion and provide better routes for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Key features:

  • Free-flowing links between the A34 and M3 in both directions
  • New connection between A33 and M3 northbound
  • Increased capacity on the M3 as it travels through the junction and new roundabout to serve local routes
  • New walking, cycling and horse-riding routes including new dedicated subways across junction 9
  • Extended southbound slip onto the M3
  • New superspan gantry and upgraded signage and information boards to match the new road layout

Following our last consultation, we’ve removed the site compound at Christmas Hill and reduced the size of our temporary main compound.

We’ve also adjusted our red line boundary at A34 north and A34 south to exclude Winnall Moors Nature Reserve. This will better protect the local environment, improve biodiversity and reduce our impact on climate change.

M3 junction 9 diagram