A14 concrete surface repairs and maintenance

We'll be carrying out reconstruction work on the A14 carriageway between Junction 47a Haughley to Junction 49 Tothill, which currently has a concrete road surface. The work includes a total reconstruction of the road, installing a new safety barrier, clearing drains, repainting road markings, and inserting new reflective road studs (cat’s eyes).

Start date February 2023
End date

Project information

A14 from J47a Haughley to J49 Tothill, 2023

We will be carrying out work to rebuild the A14 road’s carriageway between Junction 47a Haughley to Junction 49 Tothill. This work will begin in March 2023. From Tuesday 7 February, we’ll begin some early preparation work to install our roadworks. Please see the ‘upcoming closures’ section below for more information.

For more information, visit the A14 junction 47a Haughley to 49 Tothill reconstruction scheme page.

We resurfaced and repaired potholes and cracks in the concrete road surface on the A14 main carriageway between junction 52 and junction 55 in both directions. This project forms part of the Highways England concrete roads programme in the East region.

To keep traffic flowing on the A14 whilst we carried out work, a temporary contraflow system was used. This is where traffic is transferred from its usual side to share the other half of the carriageway, with traffic moving in both directions.

We coordinated these roadworks around our project to make changes to the Orwell Bridge (we made improvements that help avoid bridge closures during high winds of up to 70mph). 


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