A120 Marks Farm (Braintree) to Marks Tey (Colchester)

We plan to carry out maintenance and road surface improvement work on around 5miles (7.6km) of the A120 between Marks Farm (Braintree) and Marks Tey (Colchester). We also plan to repaint the road markings to improve visibility and safety on this road.

Start date 9 October 2023
End date End of January 2024

Latest updates

  • 22 January 2024

    Latest upcoming road closure dates

    Work started from Monday 9 October 2023 and continues until the end of January 2024.

    We're working overnight between 8pm to 6am on weeknights only, weather conditions permitting. 

    To carry out the work safely, we need to close both directions of the A120, from Marks Farm (Braintree) to Marks Tey (Colchester) and divert traffic as detailed below.

    Please note that Arriva and First Bus overnight services will be affected by our closures. Please refer to their websites for updates to their bus services and scheduled times.

    Eastbound traffic: Traffic will be diverted at Marks Farm roundabout, join the A120 until Great Notley Roundabout, join the A131, A130, join the A12 at Junction 19 and continue north on the A12 until Junction 25.

    Westbound traffic: Continue on A12 until junction 19, join the A130, A131 and rejoin the A120 at Great Notley Roundabout.

    There is local access to properties and businesses during the night closures. We are providing traffic management escort service to properties from gated access points along the route, so please expect delays. Some properties have an intercom system to contact the traffic management escort.

    Diversion route

    Access to local properties during the road closures

    Local residents and businesses will be escorted to their properties and premises during the overnight closures. Please refer to the table below and enter at the correct gate, as we'll only be able to escort to the properties shown within each phase.

    We advise that journeys are kept to a minimum. However, if you require to leave your property during the closure, please let our traffic management crew know. Some properties will have either an intercom system to contact the escort crew or a traffic management member located at the gate.

    Our teams will be working hard to complete these essential works, and we ask you to be kind and treat our workforce with respect. We thank you for your patience while we deliver a safer, smoother and a better-defined road.

    Please check back daily for updates. If your property is on the A120, please check the location of your property on the map below and enter the closures at the following gates.


    Location of Work Area



    Access to Properties



    Church Lane to Ashbury Drive   

    22 January

    A – Either gate, you will be escorted to your property

    B – Enter at Marks Tey Gate

    C – Enter at Marks Farm Gate

    D – Enter at Marks Farm Gate


    Marks Farm Roundabout to Hollies Road  

    25 January

    A - Enter at Marks Tey Gate

    B - Enter at Marks Tey Gate

    C - Enter at Marks Tey Gate

    D - Either gate, you will be escorted to your property

    Please note that the nearby A12 junction 25 Marks Tey to junction 26 Stanway concrete roads reconstruction scheme has overnight closures between the hours of 9pm to 5am, which is different to this A120 Marks Farm to Marks Tey scheme. Please visit www.nationalhighways.co.uk/A12MarksTey for more information.


    A120 phases of work map

Project information


The work will include improving the road surface and road markings

Once complete, drivers will benefit from safer, smoother and a better-defined road.


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