A12 concrete surface reconstruction, repairs and maintenance

We're carrying out repairs and maintenance on stretches of concrete surface along much of the A12. The work includes including repairing or removing and replacing the current concrete road surface, clearing drains, repainting road markings and new reflective studs (cat's eyes).

Project information

A12 junction 15 Webb Farm Interchange to junction 19 Boreham Interchange surface repairs and maintenance, 2021

Construction started 19 July 2021.

Completion December 2021.

Estimated cost £15 million

We have carried out repairs to the existing north and south bound concrete road surface along the A12 from junction 15 Webb Farm Interchange to junction 19 Boreham Interchange. The work included repairs to the concrete road surface, repainting white lining and replacing road studs (cat’s eyes). More information about the work carried out is available in the final scheme newsletter.

While the road was closed, alongside the road surface repairs, we also took the opportunity to do routine maintenance jobs, such as tidying the verges, emptying the drains, road sweeping and checking and tightening the central reservation safety barriers.

Started February 2021

Completed March 2021

Cost £1.2 million

From Wednesday 17 February 2021, we made repairs to the concrete surface on the A12 at junction 27 Spring Lane. 

The work took around four weeks, and we also cleared drains, repainted road markings, and inserted new reflective road studs (cat’s eyes). At the same time, we resurfaced the A12 southbound carriageway between junction 27 and 26. You can read about this project in our March A12 newsletter


Started November 2020

Completed December 2020

Cost £3.2 million

During November and December 2020, we resurfaced and repaired potholes and cracks in the concrete road surface on the A12 main carriageway between junction 22 and junction 24 in both the northbound and southbound directions. You can read about the work we did in our two newsletters:

We changed our initial approach to take advantage of the reduced traffic as a result of Covid 19 lockdown restrictions. We were able to complete the work earlier to avoid disruption in December, supporting people with Christmas shopping and other journeys, and to help fuel the economy.