A1(M) junction 6 to junction 8 smart motorway

Converting the A1(M) between junction 6 and junction 8 into a smart motorway to reduce congestion and delays and make journey times more reliable.

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  • 28 August 2020

    Work paused to focus on other projects

    In March 2020, the government published its smart motorway safety evidence stocktake and action plan. The action plan focuses on making smart motorways even safer and increasing public confidence. We have already started delivering the stocktake actions, and they are being taken forward as a priority. To do so, we have had to reschedule some of our road projects.

    The work to convert the A1(M) into a smart motorway between junctions 6 to 8 is paused to allow us to focus our time and resources on implementing the stocktake actions on our existing smart motorways, both those that are currently open and those that are well into their construction.

    The improvements which Hertfordshire County Council are promoting in the Gunnels Wood Road area and the access to GSK are a separate project, and will be unaffected by the A1(M) smart motorways scheme.

    The government supports smart motorways as a safe and effective way of providing faster and more reliable journeys, recognising that they reduce the disruption and destruction otherwise needed to widen our busiest roads. The government wants smart motorways to be even safer than conventional motorways.

  • Statutory Instrument consultation

    We will be implementing variable mandatory speed limits between junctions 6 and 8 on the A1(M) motorway. This will be implemented by use of a Statutory Instrument.

    We held a Statutory Instrument consultation for four weeks from 10 February to 9 March 2020, asking how the proposal could affect you, your organisation or those you represent. We have analysed the responses from our Consultation that ended on 9 March 2020 and published the report on the consultation.

Project information


The A1(M) between junctions 5 and 9 is one of the top ten busiest sections of the entire London to Leeds (East) route. Congestion occurs frequently at peak times at a number of junctions. This is expected to get worse, with potential residential developments that could see up to 13,000 additional new homes built in the area by 2030.  

We'll be converting the A1(M) between junction 6 and junction 8 in Hertfordshire to smart motorway to reduce congestion and delays and make journey times more reliable.  

This smart motorway will provide 50% additional traffic capacity between junctions 6 and 8, converting the existing two lane dual carriageway into creating a three-lane motorway between junction 3 (Hatfield) and junction 9 (Baldock / Letchworth). 

This project aims to: 

  • Smooth the flow of traffic at peak hours using variable speed limits to reduce congestion and delays 
  • make journey times more reliable 
  • give motorists more safety information using electronic signs warning of congestion or broken down vehicles ahead 
  • support local economic growth and new jobs 

A1(M) junctions 6 to 8, Statutory Instrument Consultation (variable mandatory speed limits) - 10 February 2020 to 9 March 2020


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