Staying safe on our roads


18 May 2022

The A52 in Nottingham is the key east to west link across the East Midlands. The route is often congested due to capacity issues, resulting in significant queuing and delays. Improving journey reliability and safety are two of our top priorities, and that’s why we’re carrying out upgrades at key junctions.

Staying safe on our roads

In our latest newsletter you’ll be able to read all about the changes we’re making to improve the road network for everyone. And, to help you stay safe when you’re travelling, we’ve included an article all about the recent updates published in The Highway Code.

The Highway Code now includes new rules about the hierarchy of road users, placing those most at risk in the event of a collision at the top of the scale.

Whether they’re waiting at a junction to cross a road, standing at a zebra or parallel crossing, or using shared spaces such as cycle paths; all road users must now give way to pedestrians.

The new hierarchy also offers greater protection to cyclists and horse riders, with both being given clear priority over drivers. The new rules make it safer for cyclists to ride two abreast and in the centre of a lane in slower traffic, and provides updated guidance on safe passing distances and speed.

These are just some of the changes to The Highway Code. Take a look at our new newsletter for more information.

A52 Nottingham Junctions - Spring 2022 newsletter