Protecting the environment: restoring ponds


09 Jun 2022

Protecting the environment: restoring ponds

On 5th June it was World Environment Day but every day at National Highways, we are always looking at how we can enhance the environment and improve biodiversity around our roads.

This week we have been busy restoring a pond near the A1 Black Cat roundabout. The pond had been invaded by New Zealand Pigmy Weed.

New Zealand Pigmy Weed changes the chemical balance of a pond which then interferes with the natural flow of water and it negatively impacts the pond’s biodiversity.

This pond in Roxton is what we call a balancing pond which is designed to allow for water to run its natural course. The New Zealand Pigmy Weed had grown a solid mat of vegetation across the pond limiting life inside it and the natural flow of water. We are working hard to remove the invasive species from the pond by hand picking it out.

By removing this weed and restoring the water flow, we will increase biodiversity in the area and help the natural habitat to grow - having a positive impact on wildlife.

While we wait for a decision on planning to build the A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet improvements we will continue to work around the proposed road to improve our environment.

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