Ground investigations on A428 Black Cat

A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet - News - Ground investigations

15 August 2019


We’re starting a programme of important ground investigations and surveys. These will give us a clear picture of the type of soils, rock types and groundwater where we’ll be building the new road. The work will help us design all the junctions, structures and everything we’re building, as well as plan how to build it safely and in a way that will keep costs down. We’ve produced this Ground Investigations leaflet to explain more details about the tests we will be carrying out.

The majority of work will take place on private property such as farmland and industrial sites. Any work in public areas will look very similar to normal road works, with barriers around a small section of a pavement or road, with a diversion around it for traffic or pedestrians. We will keep local residents and landowners informed about where we’re working.

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