Consultation - gas pipeline works


11 Nov 2020

To build the scheme, we’re proposing to divert some utilities such as gas, water and electricity. We are consulting on the diversion of a high pressure gas pipeline.

Consultation - gas pipeline works

This consultation closed on 18 December 2020.

We consulted with anyone who may be affected. To see where the gas pipeline is and the extent of the works, look at the plans below.

The pipeline runs along the East Coast Main Line in Tempsford, Central Bedfordshire.

How to find out more

Our Preliminary Environmental Information (PEI) Report helps you to understand the scheme’s likely effects.

You can find the report and a shorter, non-technical summary on Highways England’s consultation hub

Next steps

We will produce a report on the consultation including our responses to the main themes and issues raised. This will be published when we submit our application for development consent.

Learn more about this type of application on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

Further information

Plan of gas pipeline

Plan of gas pipeline and affected land