A tail of paws-itivity for two black cats


10 Jul 2023

Today is National Kitten Day! Can you believe two black kittens were found abandoned at our A428 site a couple of years ago? Read about how they're doing now...

A tail of paws-itivity for two black cats

A couple of years ago, two black kittens had a typically unlucky black cat start to life as they were found as strays at our A428 site compound.

Both needed medical attention and, with no mother nearby, a member of our team took them in. These black cats finally had some good luck and the furry felines are called Bella and Bagheera and are very much part of the furniture at home!

We caught up with Sarah who took them in, asking her how she first heard about them and what they’re up to now…

First of all, how did you hear about these two black kittens?

It was just before going on holiday in the summer 2021. I had heard that the cleaners in our office had found two small black kittens under a unit in the compound. They were quite malnourished and Bella, the smaller of the two was quite poorly.

What made you want to give them a home? Were you looking for pets or feeling spontaneous?

I had at the time recently lost my young cat, Timmy, who was unfortunately and coincidentally killed on the A428 going out to where our Wintringham compound is now. My family and I were devastated and knew we would most certainly be getting another cat when the time was right – I hadn’t though anticipated it would be so soon and that it would be two cats not one!

Whilst I was on holiday, I received a message telling me that the two black cats were available and were in need of a home. My husband and I jumped at the chance and when we returned home, I picked them up from the office pretty quickly.

A black kitten being held up, looking scared and with its claws on show

Do you know how old they were when you got them?

They were just under 12 weeks old.

Two black cats on outdoor wooden decking, one looking into the camera and one lying down and facing away

What made you choose the names Bella and Bagheera?

The cleaner had named them both Bella and Theodore, but though we liked Bella we decided on Bagheera as my two girls love Jungle Book and he looked like a ‘Bagheera’!


How long did it take for them to settle into family life after being strays?

At the time it felt like ages as they predominately stayed in the conservatory and hid under the sofa. Eventually Bella became the cuddlier of the two and after a long while (I had nearly given up!) Bagheera knew he was missing out and joined in and now loves a cuddle. They are very much part of the family and have settled in well.

What are their personalities like? Are they similar to each other or different?

Bagheera is not like his sister! He’s a wimp and even afraid of his own shadow. Bella on the other hand is fearless, not afraid of anything (if you don’t count our neighbour’s cat).

Have they got a favourite human in the house or do they spread their cuddles out?

Bagheera will only allow me to give cuddles – he’s extremely soppy. I think that’s because I was the patient one and coaxed him out of his shell. Bella will share the cuddles out with everyone which my girls love.


Have they ever brought you any unwanted gifts (of the mouse or bird variety)?

Not sure if this stems back to their feral days but when they catch something, mainly birds, they like to eat them! It’s pretty grim.


And finally, do you have a favourite out of Bella and Bagheera?…

Oh that’s a hard one! I shouldn’t say it but has to be Bagheera because of how far he’s come – ‘Mummy’s boy’ as I like to call him.

Two black cats sat on a wooden chest of drawers, looking into a hamster's cage

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