Fascinating Finds: archaeology on the A428

We are working with MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) to excavate and record any archaeological features found on the scheme

Fascinating Finds: archaeology on the A428

Why do we do archaeological work?

Archaeological investigations are an important part in major road infrastructure schemes. Before we start to build, our archaeologists carefully excavate and record what’s beneath the surface. We are carrying out advanced work around our proposed route - so you may see us in fields and land nearby.  This means local people, communities and enthusiasts discover more about the heritage of the region. By doing this work now, we can sensitively excavate any finds, help keep the overall construction programme as short as possible and reduce disruption for the local community.

We understand the importance of local heritage and preserving heritage assets so we've developed several ways for people to explore and stay up to date with the latest discoveries.

From interactive maps that take you around a plan of one of our digs, to podcasts talking directly to the experts, you can get closer than ever before to Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire’s archaeology!

Get into the nitty-gritty of what we’ve found so far on the A428 so far…

Interactive maps

In these interactive maps you can see where we’ve excavated different finds and features, and learn how the site changes over hundreds of years. Travel through time on this 2,000 year-old farmstead by clicking on the maps to see what we unearthed!

Highways to the past podcasts

Ever wondered how archaeologists know where to dig? What’s it like working on an archaeological site? How do they know what life was like thousands of years ago?

Find out the answers on our podcasts 'Highways to the Past' from the experts at the Museum of London Archaeology.

Discover archaeology home learning pack

MOLA has developed a new home learning pack for kids (and big kids!), inspired by fascinating discoveries on the A428.

The learning pack brings archaeology to life through a series of exciting and engaging activities for children working at Key Stage 2 level.

You can read more about our fascinating archaeological finds and their significance in our blogs...

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