Current vacancies

With construction underway there are a number of opportunities to join our team. We’re keen to support local economic growth and will work with partners to improve local employment opportunities.

Current vacancies

We’ll need a big team to help us build the A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet improvements scheme.

We want to ensure our local communities can take full advantage of the opportunities on their doorsteps. During construction, we’ll need a range of people with the right skills. We want to create a higher-skilled community and upskill our workforce to operate and thrive in a net zero world.

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Returners to work

We provide extra support within our communities by providing new job opportunities to people who are currently unemployed.

We’ll be designing pre-employment programmes for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups to give them the support and skills needed to be work-ready.

These include:

Women Care leavers
Ex-military Black and ethnic minorities
Ex-offenders LGBTQ+

Not in education, employment or training (16-24 year old NEET)

Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)


Come and join us

Most of our job opportunities will be recruited through our delivery and supply chain partners and will be advertised on their individual websites. Check them out below.

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