Local, regional and national businesses say improvements are needed for the A34


13 Oct 2021

Congestion causes a number of challenges for businesses in the region and many want to see improvements to the A34.

Local, regional and national businesses say improvements are needed for the A34

Over summer 2021, we asked local, regional and national businesses about their experiences when using the A34.

Both large and small businesses told us that the A34 provides challenges for their operations. They told us the four main challenges they experience are safety, effects on employees, logistics and operations issues, and the loss of customers.

Some businesses told us they had to change the way they operate in response to congestion, while others said congestion on the A34 is affecting their investment decisions and is reducing opportunities to grow their business.

Importantly, businesses want to see safety improved and told us that congestion on the A34 often leads to rat-running (cars diverting off main roads and using less appropriate routes to avoid traffic), leading to knock-on safety concerns.

"I used to use the A34 to go to some villages, but now I’m not doing deliveries to those villages because of the time."
Business owner in Abingdon

Given businesses rely on the A34 for successful operations, service and performance, relieving congestion was a top priority for them.

Businesses are in favour of roadworks if they improve congestion and safety. Most made it clear that roadworks are normally worth the disruption, if they can see a practical and long term improvement to the road network as a result.

Overall, it is clear that local, regional and national businesses want to see improvements to the A34, north and south of Oxford, to address congestion and safety.

Research like this with stakeholders and local communities is an important part of our project development process. We’ll continue to speak to stakeholders as the project progresses to continue to better understand your concerns.

"The road infrastructure does need to be improved to take on the traffic coming into town and it’s only going to get busier as new things open."
Business owner in Bicester

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