Spotlight on community forum

Spotlight on community forum

11 September 2019

Our Community Forum brings together the A303 Stonehenge project team with communities and groups to share information, discuss local concerns and get involved in wider legacy ambitions. Members meet every couple of months and are briefed on what’s happening. They also have the opportunity to ask questions to members of the project team.

Here’s what members think about the forum.

What’s it all about?

“We have an Independent Chair – so everyone gets a chance to put across their opinion confident that it will get a fair hearing.” – Chris Coats, Orcheston resident.

“But it works both ways. Highways England provides us with the information and there’s also tremendous opportunity to get feedback over our specific problems.” – Dave Hassett, Shrewton Traffic Group.

What’s the main benefit of attending?

“The Community Forum, and particularly the chairman, has proved invaluable in giving representatives an overview of the DCO process and a very accurate view of the way the Planning Inspectors would run the process. It has also provided a useful start to the Legacies and Benefits opportunities process that has been run on other Highways England road schemes.” Cllr Dr Andrew Shuttleworth, representing Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council

“It gave me the welcome chance to talk to local Parish Councillors, and our local cycling group, about ideas for improving off-road access links over the World Heritage Site for pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists.” – Myra Bennett, British Horse Society County Access Officer for Wiltshire

How do you see it working in the future?

“We’ve talked a bit already in the community forum about the legacy that Highways England wants to leave behind. We have an opportunity to get involved in that and this will help us do it.” Kathi Sharp, Durrington resident

View our full series of videos on You Tube.

Forum meetings take place regularly – if your local group or community aren’t represented and you’d like to attend on their behalf please get in touch by emailing