Local too scared to leave home because of village traffic


15 Oct 2020

A blog by a Shrewton resident since 1976

Local too scared to leave home because of village traffic

I have lived on London Road, Shrewton since 1976. Back then there was discussion on how to resolve the ongoing traffic issues on the A303. And now it seems like we’re very close to getting a solution.

Sadly, over the years myself and fellow residents of Shrewton have had to just accept the busy queues of noisy traffic, and the pollution - which coats the windows of my home and plants in my garden.

During the recent lockdown because of the Covid pandemic it was almost spooky having the road so quiet. Of course, these changes were short lived - once things began to reopen and people set off for their ‘staycation’ holidays in Devon and Cornwall we quickly saw the traffic levels increase.

I live on the narrowest part of the B3086, London Road. There is no footpath! On the weekend of 15 and 16 August this year, I was scared to leave my house! Holiday traffic was pouring down the road in both directions. Armed with an umbrella in my hand I walked the 100 yards to my local pub and planned to cross the road to Elston Lane. Luckily a very kind driver gave way to me after I waited some time. You can’t cross the road safely unless cars slow for you, so sometimes you can be waiting a while. I’m just one of the many residents who struggle to leave their homes and go about their daily lives.  After dark I have to wear a high visibility jacket and use a torch to make sure drivers can see me.

I don’t know if I’ll still be here once the Stonehenge tunnel is built, but it’s needed for the future generations.

B3086 London Road in Shrewton
At its narrowest part, the B3086 London Road in Shrewton has no footpath