Latest surveys set to begin


15 Feb 2021

We are continuing with our programme of surveys along the route of the A303 Stonehenge scheme to give us a clear picture of the type of soils, rocks and ground water in the area.

Latest surveys set to begin

We will share the results of the surveys with our main works contractor when they are appointed – they will use the information to plan how to build the road and tunnel efficiently and safely.

February will see the start of preparations for a pumping test to check ground water flow, levels and quality – something we’ve already been monitoring for a number of years.

We need to collect data throughout the year, as seasonal changes in rainwater affects how much water is in the ground, and how it flows. Water levels are normally at their highest towards the end of February and early March, which is what we are assessing in our latest surveys.

The week-long test will involve pumping water deep out of the ground from an existing borehole for 24 hours a day.  The water will then be transported in a temporary pipe to soak back into the ground naturally.

All the work we will be doing is on private property, such as farmland. If you’re out walking your dog or driving your car, you may see some of our team wearing high-vis clothing or vans and equipment in fields. The work will take place from February until April. 

Many of the surveys we are carrying out need to take place at a particular time of year.  Starting now and continuing throughout the summer we will be out and about doing further ecology surveys collecting more information on wildlife including otters, water voles, birds, bats and many others.