Introducing our new contractors – Osborne


11 Dec 2020

Introducing our new contractors – Osborne

We’re delighted to welcome Osborne to the A303 Stonehenge project - the company we’ve appointed to get everything ready for our main works. They’ll be preparing the area and making sure that we can start building the new road.

To help understand who Osborne are and exactly what they’ll be doing, we’ve put together a Q&A with Anne-Marie Cobb, Project Manager for Osborne.

Who is Osborne and what do you do?

We are a family-owned construction company with lots of experience in road and rail projects.  

We’ve worked with Highways England and key stakeholders on a wide range of challenging projects across the south east, south west and the midlands.

This includes anything from improving road junctions, replacing bridges, repairing highways and upgrading pedestrian and cycle paths.

What will you be doing on the project?

Basically, we will be carrying out a range of work to get everything ready for the main contractor.

We’ll be preparing the site compound, clearing vegetation and connecting the site to water and electricity. This will also involve building the foundation for the temporary office buildings needed and constructing the access road to the site.

In the local area, we’ll be protecting local wildlife and creating new habitats for reptiles, insects and birds where needed. We will also be making sure the Nile Clumps – historically important local trees – are kept safe.

As well as this, we’ll be working on the Rollestone junction and making the A303 east of Amesbury safer by closing the junction of the Allington Track and the A303 and building a new road that links it to Amesbury Road.

What excites you about this project?

Every project is different in its own way and brings lots of opportunities and challenges.

This is a nationally important project that will not only improve journeys for drivers, but by reconnecting the World Heritage Site will also have an important effect on the cultural heritage of the area.

We’re excited to begin working and contributing to its success.  

When will you start working on site?

We’re already busy planning and expect to begin work on site in late spring 2021.

How do you work with local communities?

At Osborne, we make sure that we support local communities.

On this project, we want to work closely with the community and aim to leave a positive legacy.

We’re looking to involve local businesses and suppliers in our work, offering apprenticeships and working where we can with local schools.

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