Heritage and history of A303 Stonehenge

We’ve already carried out a huge programme of archaeological investigations in the World Heritage Site (WHS) while we’ve been developing our scheme. 

Heritage and history of the A303 past Stonehenge

Our work has been informed by some of the world’s most eminent archaeologists. It’s been detailed, in recognition of the enormous importance, both nationally and internationally, of the site and the surrounding landscape.  

By removing the sight and sound of the busy and noisy road, the WHS landscape could return to something like its original setting. Visitors could better enjoy the ancient stone monument and explore the many other prehistoric features in the landscape.  

We’ve spoken to several independent archaeology and history experts who believe that the A303 Stonehenge scheme is the best solution to transform the World Heritage landscape for the better.  

Watch our new videos now to find how the A303 Stonehenge scheme presents real opportunities for the World Heritage Site and how it could solve the traffic problem that has blighted the landscape for decades.