Owning a busy B&B blighted by the A303

B&B owner Jane Singleton talks to us about what the A303 Stonehenge will do for her business and the local community.

Owning a busy B&B blighted by the A303

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Welcome to the Stonehenge Scotland Lodge B&B. We host tourists from around the world and also provide a place to stay for people working locally or breaking up their journey between London and the west country.

Located in the historic village of Winterbourne Stoke on Salisbury Plain, we’re surrounded by 300 square miles of amazing countryside and wildlife, something that both our visitors and the local community really cherish. 

Wiltshire’s full of surprises - The saying “like chalk and cheese” comes from Wiltshire, the southern part being chalky ideal for sheep and healthy alkaline drinking water - whilst behind the Plain is clay soil, excellent for cattle and dairy, cheese.

As a local resident and business owner, it’s essential that the length of the A303 is dualled. It’s a direct route to the south west, yet because of the 8 mile/13km single carriageway starting at Stonehenge, traffic face gridlock. It can take well over an hour, more during the busy summer months. 

Our village suffers hugely. We are divided in half with the church and part of the village one side of the road, and others living the other side. Fortunately we now have pedestrian traffic light crossing, but cars do not like that! However, it is very dangerous and there have been many accidents.

The new road is going to make so much difference to the village. I remember someone who worked at the farm once telling me that when he was at the old village school, they used to play football on the A303 and if a car came one of them would raise his hand and they just move off to the side. How different it is now.

We’d love to be able to walk in peace, cycle, enjoy the landscape and even stroll to Stonehenge. Local residents will be able to move freely which will bring our village together and revitalise the local economy. It’ll be lovely!