Delivering the nation’s mail

Dennis Welton, Head of Central Postal Control for Royal Mail, speaks to us about why a free-flowing road is so important for business.

Delivering the nation’s mail

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Royal Mail is proud to play a key part in connecting communities, families and businesses in the South West with the rest of the UK.

People rely on us. Especially during the pandemic when we are playing a key role in keeping the economy running in very challenging circumstances. Even in more normal times, we rely on free-flowing transport routes to enable us to cross the country quickly and safely. We deliver everything from birthday and Christmas cards, to people's medical prescriptions.

The A303 is a vital part of our operations and provides great connectivity to the South West region, but the stretch of road by Stonehenge has always been a bit of a natural bottleneck. Drivers regularly slow down to take in the view, which makes congestion a real problem.

A modern and reliable A303 will help reduce congestion and cut our journey times, helping us serve our customers in the region more efficiently. We’ll be able to plan our travel more accurately along the route and provide a more reliable alternative if there are any issues on other key routes in the area. It’s also important that our drivers are able to transport mail as safely as possible. A safer A303 will help minimise risk both to our Royal Mail drivers and other road users as well.

With the improvements to the A303 Stonehenge, we’ll be able to maintain our high standards and provide the best quality customer service we can. It’ll help us move mail across the country and will mean we can continue delivering everyone’s post as efficiently as possible.