Creating a road that’s open for business

Phil Norman, Depot Manager for Stan Robinson Transport, speaks about how the A303 Stonehenge upgrades will benefit the haulage company and its drivers.

Creating a road that’s open for business

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Here at Stan Robinson, we’re a pallet distributor with depots across the UK and 260 vehicles on the roads. We’re proud to offer next day service, which means we could collect pallets from Cornwall today and deliver them to Scotland tomorrow. We’re a family business and we celebrated our 50th anniversary last year, which is a great achievement! Personally, I've worked for Stan Robinson for 30 years, and my role here is to oversee the day-to-day running of the depot and make sure we’re as efficient as possible.

Transport links are vital for us. The A303 is a very important route that our lorries use to transport pallets across the country. However, we get a lot of problems with our vehicles getting caught in traffic jams for a long time, especially around Stonehenge.

It’s a huge problem, as having our trucks stuck on the road is really bad for business. The congestion on the A303 affects our running costs and our reliability – sometimes stopping us from meeting our deadlines. Not only is this a huge problem for us as a company, but this affects our customers’ business too. They rely on us to deliver on time, every time.

Another thing that’s massively important is the safety of our drivers. When they’re stuck in traffic jams, people can get really fatigued and tired. This can seriously impact on someone’s concentration, so there are bound to be more accidents. We never want our drivers to be at risk.

To solve this, we need a road network where we can run our vehicles safely. With an improved A303, our drivers would be less tired, less fatigued, and less likely to be involved in any accidents. Road safety is a top priority for us – and as far as I’m concerned, anything that makes our drivers’ lives safer is a good thing.

The new road would also improve our delivery times and our efficiency as a business, which are both important parts of what we offer. A reliable road means our vehicles aren’t sat in traffic and our customers can be confident that we’ll deliver their goods on time. We can be sure that we always provide the service that our customers need.

So basically, we’re more than ready for these improvements to go ahead. The upgraded road will make our business more efficient, it’ll make life safer for our staff, and it’ll make life safer for other people on the road.