National Highways A46 Binley upgrade helping to protect ancient woodland


31 August 2022

Press Release

National Highways A46 Binley upgrade helping to protect ancient woodland

A popular beauty spot near the A46 Binley flyover project in Coventry is benefitting from a £35,000 project to help protect it for the future.

Piles Coppice is an ancient woodland spanning some 21 hectares and provides recreational facilities for cyclists and walkers. 

In recent years it has been blighted by fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour including off-road motorbikes. 

To help curb the issues, National Highways has worked with Octavius – responsible for delivering the £61m Binley project – to replace damaged fencing and install new bollards to deter fly-tipping at known locations targeted by offenders. 

National Highways Programme Leader, Anita Prashar said: “Piles Coppice is a beautiful area and is incredibly popular with both cyclists and walkers.

“We wanted to do something to help protect this important wildlife haven and leave a lasting legacy which will help to benefit local residents as well as motorists using the new £61m flyover. The new measures we have put in place will play a major part in deterring anti-social behaviour and will help people to feel safer and to continue making the most of the area.”

The woodland is currently managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and it is hoped the new measures will help to make the area feel much safer for people and provide improved access for management of the woodland.

People & Sustainability Director at Octavius, Cat Cliffe said: “We’re delighted to support National Highways and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to improve this wonderful local amenity so that everyone can enjoy it. It’s important to Octavius that we leave a sustainable legacy wherever we work, positively impacting the local communities as we have done at Piles Coppice.”

The work was funded by National Highways using it’s Designated Funding programme.

The company manages four designated funds, allocated by the Government, to deliver benefits above and beyond building, maintaining and operating England’s strategic roads. 

Currently in its third year, the funding programme, which was allocated £936m for Roads Period 2 (2020-2025), is divided into four funding streams aimed at making the biggest difference and delivering lasting benefits; Environment and wellbeing, Users and Communities, Safety and congestion and Innovation and modernisation.

From protecting the environment and enhancing the landscape around roads, to improving safety, reducing congestion, and supporting communities, the aim is to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

And as part of its national biodiversity effort, the company recently announced an investment of nearly £6 million from its Environment and Wellbeing fund into the country’s Wildlife Trusts’ Network for Nature programme.

The funding will enable the Trusts to deliver a total of 26 biodiversity projects to enhance, restore and create more than 1,700 acres (690 hectares) of woodlands, grasslands, peatlands and wetlands across every region of England.

Get more details about National Highways’ Designated Funds programme.

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