Who we work with

We work with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders to create and maintain a world class road network.

Who we work with


Our partners include: 

  • individuals and groups who have land near our network, rely on our network, or represent groups that use our roads  
  • academic and research organisations that develop and pilot new techniques and innovations  
  • transport providers 
  • local authorities 

Some of our key collaborators are our shareholder, the two independent bodies that hold us to account, and our network of suppliers. 

Our shareholder 

We’re a government owned, publicly funded company. Our shareholder is the Department for Transport

We work with the Department for Transport, as well as other government bodies to make sure investment in our roads brings the maximum benefit for taxpayers. 

Independent scrutiny 

Two independent bodies hold us to account on your behalf.   

Transport Focus champions your needs as road users. It carries out research into road-user experiences and hosts a quarterly road-user panel. We use the findings to shape our work. 

The Office of Rail and Road makes sure we meet our commitments to improve the road network, while meeting the needs of road users. It monitors the performance of the roads we’re responsible for. 

Both organisations provide advice to the Secretary of State for Transport on our activities. 

Our supply chain partners 

Most of our construction and maintenance work is carried out by our supply chain. Our role is to ensure that they are working to agreed standards and providing excellent value for money.  

Because we’re funded in five-year periods, we can develop collaborative, long-term relationships with our suppliers, and share best practice and knowledge with them.