Preparing for the first cold snap of the year

While the country faced record breaking high temperatures earlier this year, we were busy getting ready to keep drivers moving this winter.

Preparing for the first cold snap of the year

Late November marks the start of winter season across our network. We've spent the six previous months gearing up for winter activity - making sure our gritter fleet is ready to help you safely on your way.

We have weather stations at locations across our road network, giving us up to date information on weather conditions and temperatures.

Specialist staff help plan and co-ordinate our winter activity, like former Naval Officer Kerry Farrell who is based at our Midlands Regional Operations Centre.

Kerry Farrell
After a career in the Royal Navy, Kerry Farrell now relishes her role with National Highways.

Kerry uses the operational and crisis management skills she gained in 10 years as a Royal Navy Hydrographer and Meteorologist to help us meet the challenges of winter.

Kerry said:

“When I left the Royal Navy, I wanted another role in operations and working for National Highways in the Regional Operations Centre provided an opportunity for me to draw on my experience in meteorology while also helping to train colleagues around planning for winter weather.”

Right now, she's spending all her time preparing winter activity plans to keep traffic moving when the mercury drops over the coming months.

Kerry added:

"Good communication skills are critical to my role at National Highways because we need to make sure that everyone is talking to one another. Whether it’s partners in the emergency services, other colleagues in regional control centres or even Central Government.

"Planning is also an important aspect of my role as I have the overall strategic picture of the network.

"That means making sure we know what is happening 24/7 with traffic flows and for instance when we expect major events to impact on the motorway or major A-road network, it’s important to start planning for these early on so that we can keep everyone moving.”

Travelling over winter

If you're travelling over winter and the festive season, follow our vehicle checks advice before you set off.

Our travelling in winter page will help make your journeys as smooth and safe as possible.

Check our travel alertstwitter feed and information line (0300 123 5000) for details of travelling conditions and incidents on our network.