High Court injunctions for motorways and major A roads

Parts of the strategic road network have been targeted by protesters recently and we now have two injunctions in place as part of our continuing and determined attempts to prevent disruption to England’s busiest roads.

High Court injunctions for motorways and major A roads

We’re working with the police to keep disruption to the public to a minimum. Millions of people rely on the strategic road network every day and they have a right to expect it to operate as it should. 

Our primary concern is always safety. Protesting on our network is extremely dangerous, both for motorists and for the protesters themselves.


We’ve obtained two injunctions that prevent named roads being obstructed for protest purposes.

Protesting on these roads carries the risk of imprisonment, an unlimited fine and having assets seized.  We’ll consider pursuing further legal avenues as appropriate to safeguard the strategic road network.  

Road closures

Where a member of public is protesting at height over a motorway or other similar arterial route, the decision to close the road is based on a range of factors, with public safety being the most important. Both police and National Highways traffic officers have powers to close roads.

Following an incident, our traffic officers will work with the police to re-open the road as soon as possible, after making sure all affected infrastructure, such as gantries, are undamaged and safe.