If you need to stop on a motorway with a hard shoulder

Go left

Move left onto a hard shoulder, left-hand verge.

Leave space so that you can get out of your vehicle from the side furthest from traffic.

Try to stop near an emergency telephone; these are spaced at approximately one mile intervals along motorway hard shoulders.

Get safe and away from moving traffic

Switch your hazard warning lights on, even during the day. If it’s dark, use side lights and in poor visibility use fog lights.

If it’s safe and you can get out with any passengers, exit your vehicle via the left-hand door and get behind a safety barrier where there is one and it is safe to do so. They offer extra protection.

Gather any items you may need, such as mobile phone, coat, hi vis clothing, food, drink and medication. Take care if getting items from the boot.

It’s safer to leave pets in your vehicle, even if you think they may become upset. This is because your pet may become scared, run into the traffic and cause a collision. Only remove pets in an emergency. Keep them under proper control on the verge and behind the safety barrier, if there is one.

Keep well away from your vehicle and moving traffic, even if it’s raining, cold or dark.

If you’re on a verge, be aware of any unseen hazards such as sudden drops, uneven ground or debris.

Get help

Use the free emergency telephone, which connects directly to one of our regional operations centres and identifies your location. Take care while getting to and from an emergency phone. Stay behind the safety barrier where there is one and it is safe to do so.

Alternatively use your mobile phone to call us on 0300 123 5000 if you're unable to exit your vehicle or get to a free emergency telephone.

We'll give you further advice based on your circumstances, and can help arrange further assistance for you.

After your call to us, contact your breakdown recovery provider. They may give you additional instructions.