Network claims

The Network Claims team within National Highways processes claims made against the company in relation to damage or injury caused by alleged negligence to the road network. They also claim against individuals and third parties where they have allegedly damaged the road network.

National Highways manages England’s motorways and principal A roads, known as the Strategic Road Network (SRN), and must comply with The Highways Act 1980, which is the UK's main legislation for road management and operation.

Types of claim

If you’re seeking to claim financial compensation from us for alleged damage or injury incurred while on the SRN, this is known as a 'Red Claim'.

This kind of claim would be made where you allege that the injury or damage resulted from our failure to maintain the SRN properly. To defend such a claim, we’d need to prove that all reasonable measures were taken to ensure the highway was not dangerous to traffic or pedestrians. 

The rules regarding the defence of Red Claims are set out in Section 58 of the Highways Act 1980.

There are also occasions where National Highways seeks to recover monies from a third party in respect of damage caused to the SRN. These are known as 'Green Claims'.

In order to maintain the SRN to ensure the safety of all road users, it’s essential that we act quickly to remedy or repair defects and damage that may be hazardous. Where this damage has been caused by a third party, it may lead to a Green Claim.

Our duty to maintain the SRN is outlined in Section 41 of the Highways Act 1980.

The Network Claims team are responsible for managing both Green Claims and Red Claims on behalf of National Highways.

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