The challenge

The Progress-O-Meter is a customer information board which displays a monthly countdown and progress bar to scheme completion. We designed this initiative to help improve customer confidence that we will meet advertised roadwork completion dates.

The project

During a trial on the M6 between junctions 13 and 15, we conducted customer insight surveys to gauge reactions to the Progress-O-Meter boards. We also sought trial scheme feedback and monitored social media activity. We assessed the safety impact of the Progress-O-Meter billboards using closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring and M6 J13-15 incident logs.

The trial findings indicate that the board was considered safe and that customers liked the information we were giving. Almost all customers who saw the Progress-O-Meter said they gained some new information about the progress of the roadworks. All of these customers found the new information very or fairly useful.

We’re hoping that after some additional trialling on other schemes, we can roll this initiative out on all Major Projects roadwork. We hope customers will feel more satisfied when driving through roadworks with the awareness that work is progressing.

Customers who saw the Progress-O-Meter said it gave them new information about the progress of the roadworks

Innovation theme

Customer mobility