Trimble SiteVision– augmenting reality

The challenge

We have been using drawings to explain where services and structures are located for many years. This requires both excellent drawing skills, and the ability to visualise the drawn data in the real-world environment, which can be a complex task.

The project

As part of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon project, we trialled the mixed-reality application Trimble SiteVision.

SiteVision uses cloud stored geospatial data, allowing on-site users to:

  • visualise buried assets and building information models (BIM) live in the field.
  • easily note and report back issues and observations
A recording of Trimble SiteVision streaming live to Microsoft Teams

In the recent pandemic, we successfully trialled Trimble SiteVision together with Microsoft Teams. This helped the offsite engineering team to understand construction issues that site based workforce were experiencing.

Although it needs good data and good internet connection, the SiteVision device brought benefits from day one. It reduced the number of engineering visits needed for site clearance and boundary works as well as flagging potential issues earlier than normal.

mixed reality hand held app
The Trimble SiteVision mixed-reality application brings digital and real worlds together

Innovation theme

Design, construction and maintenance​