Mobile barrier

The challenge

Working in live lanes is a real risk to our workforce.

To work safely, we often need full carriageway closures which inconveniences road users. With increased traffic volumes this also puts more pressure on the network.​

The project

​The mobile barrier provides exceptional protection for both road workers and motorists and reduces the severity of incidents in and around work zones.​

​It provides physical protection, absorbing the impact of vehicles strikes from the side. A lorry mounted crash cushion gives protection from the rear, with approved lighting and signage providing ample visibility for all.​​

Mobile barrier

The barrier offers a number of benefits to road workers, including:​

  • ​all round impact protection
  • available for use 24/7 with correct maintenance
  • versatile and adaptable to near-end far side works
  • less resources, exposure time and costs with the ability to mirror off-side lane closure
  • reduced overall night shifts on schemes​

​We are working with Kier we're exploring how the US made barrier can enhance safety measures and reduce road worker exposure. ​

​Mobile barriers are an innovative way of to increase protection for road workers. ​They’re helping customers too, because the faster we can get the work done safely, the better people’s journeys will be.

Mobile barrier
Mobile barriers are an innovative way to give road workers more protection

Innovation theme

Design, construction and maintenance
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