iDrain – intelligent flood alert system

The challenge

Flooding is one of the greatest persistent problems faced by the national strategic road infrastructure. It is becoming an increasing risk due to more severe weather events and ageing underground pipe networks that are difficult to monitor.

The risk of road traffic accidents and closures increases significantly during periods of heavy rain. Excessive carriageway surface water significantly reduces skid resistance. In extreme cases, it can cause aquaplaning and total loss of control.

The project

Together with Carnell, we developed a low-cost sensor connected solution that is triggered when water in drainage systems reaches criterial levels.

Designed to prevent flooding events on the strategic road network, iDrain allows us to monitor drainage chamber water levels remotely. It provides accurate live data on high risk flooding areas so we can target proactive maintenance.

If widely adopted, the solution will help reduce accidents and road closures, improve reliability on the network and ultimately boost the economy.

flooded road
If widely adopted, the solution will help reduce accidents, improve network reliability and ultimately boost the economy

Innovation theme

Design, construction and maintenance
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