Enhanced customer response unit

The opportunity

Traditionally, we need up to three separate vehicles to deal with incidents on our network:

  • Traffic Officer vehicle
  • Asset Incident Watchman
  • traffic management vehicle.

Our challenge was to develop more efficient approach to incident management, asset inspection and defect repair. Our focus was to improve journey times.

The project

Working with Kier, we've trialled a new Enhanced customer response unit (ECRU).

The ECRU can transport both our Traffic Officers and Asset Incident Watchmen. It carries a greater variety of tools and equipment, so watchmen can carry out repairs and clean and sweep the road in a safer, faster and more efficient manner. This removes the need for other vehicles to attend the incident.

ECRU features include:

  • jetting equipment for oil spillages
  • on-board welfare facilities, including kitchen and toilet
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) and crash cushions
  • a mechanical sweeper to quickly clear up of debris

As a front line response unit, the ECRU will significantly improve incident clear-up times.

The quicker we can return roads to normal service, the more we can ease congestion. Our roadworkers will be safer if they can spend less time exposed to risk on our network.

enhanced customer response vehicle
The new unit combines the roles of incident management, asset inspection and repair into one vehicle

Innovation theme