Automated cone laying vehicles

The challenge

We need cones to protect road users and road workers while essential work is carried out on our roads.

At the moment, putting out cones is still a manual task, involving two people on the rear of a vehicle working in tandem.

We do most of this work at night, in all weather. Workers can lift up to 10 tonnes of equipment per shift. With motorway traffic thundering past, it can be a dangerous and frightening task.

The project

Working with a group of industry experts, we have developed two automated vehicles which will take the human element out of cone laying.

Our aim is for both vehicles to be the routine go-to options for cone laying on our network. This will eliminate one of the biggest risks facing roadworkers.

Highways Care

The Highways Care vehicle has completed its on-road trials and can now be taken out to the marketplace for use on the strategic road network.

Highway Care automated cone laying vehicle

King Highway Products

The second vehicle, developed by King Highway Products, is quite different. It uses a ‘revolver’ style rotating drum to lay and collect cones.

The King vehicle has recently completed extensive off-road testing at Manston Airport, Kent.

If successful, it will also be taken out to the marketplace along with the Highways Care version, for use on the strategic road network.

King Highway Products​ vehicle
Automated cone laying vehicle
Automated cone laying removes risk - for roadworkers and users

Innovation theme

Design, construction and maintenance