Historical Railways Estate forward programme and assessment reports

We want to provide our customers with as much information as possible about our work on the Historical Railways Estate. As part of this we're now publishing our forward programme of maintenance work and the assessment reports we use to prioritise our maintenance activity online.

You can access the reports via the links on this page. We'll be adding reports on a regular basis with more coming soon.

We've also published our major works programme for the Historical Railway Estate, so you'll be able to see what work we’re doing on the estate and when we plan to do it.

In addition to the schemes listed in this programme, we carry out between 300 and 500 pieces of minor planned and reactive maintenance on the Historical Railway Estate each year. This work varies from structural repairs and vegetation removal, to repairing vehicle impact damage.

We're currently reviewing the schemes where infilling or demolitions were planned, so the information affecting these schemes is likely to change. We'll keep the online programme updated as these reviews take place.

A full list of the structures we look after is also available.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about our work, the structures we look after, or any plans you're aware of for the future use of any of these structures: hreenquiries@highwaysengland.co.uk 

Assessment reports

Given the size of the Historical Railway Estate and the number of assessment reports, we'll publish them using a phased approach. We'll add to this archive on a regular basis, so more reports will be coming soon.

AEB/2116 Debden Road

AEB/2122 Painter Bridge - 13 Tonnes

AGB/3 Luffness mains - 3 tonnes

AGB/3 Luffness mains - BE4

AGB/5 Fenton - 7.5 tonnes

AHS/12 Lintfield Bank - BE4

AKC/35 Haugh Head, Wooler - BE4

AKC/99 Rugley - 3 tonnes

ANB/4 Tilekiln - BE4

ARB/10 Great Alne - 0 tonne

AYH/1 Limekiln Road - 11 tonnes

AYT/55 Port Llanio - BE4

BCL 96m79ch Crows Castle Bridge - 6 tonnes

BCL/100m33ch Syrefor Road Bridge – 7.5 Tonnes

BLN/8 Caythorpe Station Bridge - 40-44 tonnes

BOK1/283 Dalston Lane – 18+ Tonnes

BUI/26 Red Barn Overbridge – 7.5 Tonnes

BYS/477 Aldeby Bridge 40-44 Tonnes

CAL 3m29ch Chilworthy Road – 40-44 Tonnes

CJD/21 a0002 Station Bridge – BE4

CKP/87 Hill Cottage - 3+ Tonnes

CTD 3m23ch Wenvoe Tunnel – 40-44 Tonnes

DAK/81 a0003 Montgreenan - 18+ Tonnes

DAK/81 Montgreenan - 18+ Tonnes

DAK/89 Cunninghamhead

DAK/97 Crosshouse - BE4

DAS1/5 Low Ashyard, Hurlford – 7.5 Tonnes

DMB/5 Bonnington – BE4

EBD/756 Balmacassie Road – BE4

EBD/761 Auchmacoy – BE4

EDE/25 Great Musgrave – 17+ Tonnes

END/709 Station Road, Southfleet – BE4

EVL/2066 Wingmore Straight Hill – 3 Tonnes

FFD/26 Hambridge Road Bridge 40-44 Tonnes

FWW2/1711 North Elham Station

GTB/78 Paisley Road West – 40-44 Tonnes

HBR3/123 Stubbs Road, Walden Stubbs – 3+ Tonnes

HBR3/124 Malt Kiln Road, Little Smeation – 7.5+ Tonnes

HGG2/1 Church Lane – 5+ Tonnes

HIB/27 a0002 Southill Road Railway – 3+ Tonnes

HOL/1073 Parkeston

KAS/254 Pugeston - BE4

KLO/29 Melkington 3+ Tonnes

MCJ3/506 Cockwell Farm Road – BE4

UCJ/6 Rome Street – 40-44 Tonnes

WHE/17 Port Hill Bridge, Hereford

WMC/1329 Leeds Bridge – 40-44 Tonnes

WTD/1 Bedcow - BE4