A47 Longthorpe Footbridge replacement

An options study assessing the condition of the A47 Longthorpe Footbridge in 2019 concluded that rather than undertaking maintenance activities on the existing bridge, a new footbridge will be required. Therefore, we will be replacing the existing A47 Longthorpe footbridge with a similar structure to improve safety and implementing ramps to improve accessibility across the footway.

Start date October 2021
End date November 2022
Cost TBC

Latest updates

  • 01 April 2022

    Bridge foundations put in place

    Works are progressing well, however, due to constructability issues we now expect the new bridge to be open in November 2022.

    We have started finalising our ground preparation through piling the foundations for the footbridge. You may soon see a large piling rig within our work site, plus other associated machinery and equipment.

    Once the foundations are complete, we will then be constructing the footbridge above the ground. As most of the structure is being constructed in-situ, there will be regular movements of vehicles bringing machinery and equipment to site.

    Some parts of the structure are too large to be constructed on site meaning large concrete segments will arrive on trucks and be lifted into position by gantry cranes. Segments are then stressed together into five concrete beams and will form the elevated bridge deck.

    Upcoming closures and diversions

    To continue to carry out the work safely, the following closures will be in place:

    • Narrow lanes on the A47 between junctions 15 and 16 will continue to be in place for the remainder of the project.
    • Overnight closures on the A47 westbound between junctions 18 and 15 on Tuesday 5 April and Wednesday 13 April from 8pm to 6am. Traffic will be diverted off the A47 at junction 20 onto the A1139, Fletton Parkway and A1 to re-join the A1 /A47 at Wansford.

    Further night and weekend closures will also be required in the coming months, we will keep this page updated with the latest information.

  • 02 November 2021

    Closures in October and November 2021

    To help us prepare the area before building the new footbridge starts, we will need to close the A47 overnight, 8pm until 6am, between the Sutton Roundabout and junction 18. This will allow us to install the traffic management needed to build the bridge safely. It will reduce the A47 to one lane in each direction between junctions 15 and 16.

    Phase 1(a): eastbound on Monday 25 October – closure of the A47 between Sutton Roundabout and junction 18, from 8pm to 6am.

    Eastbound traffic will be diverted along the A1 southbound to junction 17 where it will join the Fletton Parkway/A1139/Frank Perkins Parkway before re-joining the A47 at junction 20.

    Phase 1(b): westbound onTuesday 9 November – closure of the A47 between junctions 16 and 15, from 8pm to 6am.

    Westbound traffic will be diverted from the A47 at junction 20 via the A1139/Frank Perkins Way/Fletton Parkway, then onto Nene Parkway before re-joining the A47 at junction 15.

    Diversion maps are available further down on this webpage.

Project information


Located between junctions 15 and 16 and approximately 3km west of Peterborough City Centre, the existing A47 Longthorpe footbridge carries a footway over the A47. The bridge was originally constructed in 1970. We have recently made an assessment of the bridge and we have found some defects.

We'll be replacing the existing footbridge with a similar one which has new ramps that are less steep and which meets the current industry design standards. The bridge has come to the end of its serviceable life. Replacing the existing bridge is better value for money than making the various repairs.

The new footbridge will have modern, up-to-date access ramps which will help those less able, and those with prams, pushchairs and bicycles cross the A47 more easily. To make room for the new ramps, we will need to remove about 100 trees from alongside the A47. We know trees are important, helping screen the A47 and supporting local wildlife. We’re working with a local charity to replace each tree we remove with another one and complying with Peterborough City Council's policy.

Work started on Monday 25 October and take about seven months to complete. We will carry out most of the work during the day with some occasionally being carried out overnight.

We will also need to close the A47 between junctions 15 and 16 for whole weekends, Friday night to Monday morning, several times. We expect weekend closures to start in early 2022. More details and dates are in the Roadworks section below.

  • The scheme replaces the footbridge with a similar structure to improve safety and implements ramps to improve accessibility across the footway.
  • The new footbridge will be located directly east of the existing bridge 
  • The new bridge will be 3.5 m wide footway
  • The bridge will have access ramps at either side of the bridge, with a gradient of 1/20 or 5% to improve accessibility.
  • The design complies with the guidance set out in the Local Transport Note on Cycle infrastructure design, published by the Department for Transport.
  • 5.8m headroom between the bridge and road to ensure compliance with road standards.
  • The project team have had ongoing discussions with Peterborough City Council on various elements of scheme over the past few months.

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