How does this affect me as an operator of the network?

The strategy will help me to:

1. understand our direction

The strategy sets out our objectives and targets for operational technology over the next 15 years. This includes how we’ll adapt to changes in technology, such as connected and autonomous vehicles, while continuing to deliver services to our customers.

By understanding our strategic direction, I can work more effectively with my colleagues to achieve our objectives, to the benefit of our customers.

2. develop my processes and practices

As an operator, I'm relied upon to help ensure incidents are managed effectively and that the network is functioning at its best. The strategy will help me to understand the tools and technologies I can use now and in the future to carry out my role.

In support of the strategy, Digital Services is developing roadmaps to capture the current operational technology estate and identify how it will evolve in the future to deliver improved services to our customers.

  • Safety
  • Net zero
  • Connecting customers
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiencies
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • Technology

West Midlands Regional Control Centre

Developments in operational technology will result in:

1. better connected customers

In the future we’ll use operational technology to communicate directly with customers through connected vehicles. This has the potential to change how I operate the network and decrease incidents and congestion. It also creates opportunities for me to use more accurate and reliable data to better understand what’s happening on the network and allows us to significantly influence the journeys our customers make based on their needs.

2. changing technology and improved safety

As operational technology evolves, the systems and technologies that I use to operate the network will change. Automation could increase efficiency, reduce my response time and improve real-time accuracy of information for incidents, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

As an operator, I’ll need to understand when these new technologies will become available, the impact and benefits they’ll have on my day-to-day role and how I’ll need to upskill myself to keep up to date with evolving requirements.

Next steps

To deliver the strategy Digital Services is producing an implementation plan which will turn its high-level objectives into activities, projects and plans. This will be shared as the work begins and we’ll be in contact to discuss any changes which may affect your role.