How does this affect me as a maintainer of the network?

The strategy will help me to:

1. understand our direction

The strategy sets out our objectives and targets for operational technology over the next 15 years. This includes how we’ll adapt to changes in technology, such as connected and autonomous vehicles, while continuing to deliver services to our customers.

By understanding our strategic direction, I can work more effectively with my colleagues to achieve our objectives, to the benefit of our customers.

2. develop my processes and practices

In support of the strategy, Digital Services is mapping out the current operational technology estate and identifying how it will evolve in the future to deliver improved services to our customers, identifying future maintenance requirements.

As a maintainer, I’m relied upon to sustain the infrastructure we need to deliver services to our customers. The strategy will help me to better understand procurement, contract and handover processes for operational technology.

  • Safety
  • Net zero
  • Connecting customers
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiencies
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • Technology

Workers on site

Developments in operational technology will result in:

1. improved safety

Developments in operational technology should result in network assets having a longer lifespan. As we aspire to reach a zero-maintenance road network and minimise the time my colleagues and I spend at the roadside, we’ll need to be really involved with the whole lifecycle of technology, from procurement through to planning for obsolescence.

We’re also aiming to reduce the number of roadside technology assets we need to maintain by using alternative solutions, which will help us to make huge strides in our Zero Harm initiative by improving safety for those who currently work by the roadside.

2. collaboration and efficiencies

We’re looking to continually improve how technology is procured, tested and handed over into operations and maintenance, for example through the Operational Technology Commercial Framework and improvements to how we test new products and services. This will impact on how I maintain operational technology and build effective relationships with other parts of our organisation.

3. technology improvements

The production of roadmaps to plan out the future of our technology will help me to understand how the changes will happen. I’ll have a better understanding of how our technology is aligned with industry standards and how we’re looking to make improvements as we progress through the life of the strategy.

Next steps:

To deliver the strategy Digital Services is producing an implementation plan which will turn its high-level objectives into activities, projects and plans. This will be shared as the work begins and we’ll be in contact to discuss any changes which may affect your role.