How does this affect me as a customer?

The strategy will help me to:

1. understand our direction

The strategy sets out National Highways’ objectives and targets for operational technology over the next 15 years. This includes how it will adapt to changes in technology, such as connected and autonomous vehicles, while continuing to deliver services to its customers.

As a customer, by understanding National Highways’ strategic direction, I can see how the road network will change and improve over time with investment in operational technology.

2. understand how my experience on the network will change

As a customer, I use the strategic road network to travel around the country. New technologies will improve the quality of information and methods of communication National Highways can use to inform me of changes or disruption while I travel on the network.

Icons from the operational technology strategy

Parent and child standing by their car

Developments in operational technology will result in:

1. improvements to how important information is communicated

A key theme of the Operational Technology Strategy is ‘connecting customers’, which is all about understanding road users’ needs and providing them with the right information at the right time to inform their journeys.

For example, the development of connected and automated vehicle technology will allow information to be sent directly to vehicles instead of displaying it on roadside signs, which can make the roads safer, reduce congestion and decrease the network’s carbon footprint.

2. changes to how I drive on the network

As new technology becomes available, the way that I interact with the road network will change, improving safety and efficiency of travel. For example, if I own a connected vehicle, I may start to receive messages about congestion or incidents directly as this technology is adopted.