Single view of the network and data trials

We are developing a Single View of the Network to enable our Regional Operational Control Centre colleagues to access reliable, fit-for-purpose network information through a single platform. This combines data feeds from disparate sources and enables our colleagues to easily access all available data in one place, improving the speed and accuracy of decision making. This will support incident detection and resolution, keeping traffic flowing smoothly.

We are creating an analytical solution to predict the impact of events (e.g. football matches) on traffic flow. This will enable our colleagues to take a more pre-emptive approach to network management.

We have also launched a trial to understand how third-party data might be used to improve the service we provide to our customers. In particular, we are exploring opportunities to use crowd-sourced incident data from Waze to reduce delays caused by congestion and improve incident clearance times.

The lessons and outcomes from these trials will form an integral part of our future company-wide Digital Twin, which will further improve our ability to oversee and manage the network.