Meet Ella Jones

Ella has been an engineer for 11 years, she graduated in 2014 with a Civil Engineering Degree and has worked on some exciting and innovative projects during her time in the industry. Ella is passionate about harnessing digital technologies to drive positive changes in the way she and her team work and has seen the pace of change accelerating over the last decade.

Ella is currently a Senior Engineer at an engineering consultancy and is working on a large infrastructure project, upgrading a section of the Strategic Road Network to increase capacity and improve safety.

A day in Ella's life in 2025

Ella has begun work on a new project. She is happy to see that the National Highways Digital Twin contains all existing asset data, in a consistent format with no gaps. This enables her to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the section of network she is working on.

Ella Jones 1
Ella Jones 2

With the seamless transition of data into digital design tools, Ella has an outline design produced in under an hour! This allows Ella to focus on adding value through: enhancing safety, improving operational performance and delivering a better customer experience.

Ella starts planning digital rehearsals of her designs, to test against buildability with construction teams. This approach ensures early warning notice of any design conflicts, enhancing safety and efficiency for workers on site.

Ella Jones 3
Ella Jones 4

Ella notices that construction partners on an adjacent construction site have provided feedback on site conditions. These are automatically saved into design and Health & Safety files. Ella incorporates these notes into the design of the scheme she is working on.

In the afternoon, Ella is invited to attend a supply chain forum hosted by National Highways. At the forum, she receives updates on her responsibilities to support innovation, digital delivery and improve digital competency across the project design.

Ella Jones 5