Digital Roads 2025 – Improving design and construction activities

Our activities will be increasingly automated, modular and conducted off-site. This will result in safer production, reduced network disruption, increased productivity and smoother journeys for our customers.

Our focus on Digital Roads means that each year the design and construction of the SRN will be improved:

computer screen with automated message displayed
Test and trials of the use of automated design tools and semi-autonomous plant (e.g. cone laying machine)
screen with data displaying
Access to a standardised components library, which improves efficiency and increases design accuracy.
Construction worker on site
Standardised guidelines and training is issued on the use of data and digital systems on construction sites.
construction crane
Increased use modular construction and off-site manufacturing techniques. This will result in increased productivity, and improved financial and environmental outcomes
Road design on a computer screen
Increased use of machine-led, human aided scheme designs. Integration of the standardised component library with other design tools, leads to a digitally enabled collaborative design workflow.
person using a drone
Regular use of digital technology (e.g. drones and aerial surveillance) for surveys reduces the need for preconstruction site visits and investigations.
person sitting at a desk in front of a computer
The use of Rapid Engineering Model for new schemes results in time savings of over 50% at the initial design stage.
Flow diagram
Use of the same data sources across construction partners on all sites, providing a single source of the truth. This improves collaboration and delivery outcomes.
person using virtual reality
Regular use of digital rehearsal tools to rehearse construction site activities. This results in more efficient delivery, improved safety and minimised customer disruption.
screen with data displaying
Automated scheme design tools accurately estimate duration, sequencing and costing of construction activities at the design stage, improving collaboration across teams.
construction workers using devices
All new construction sites are connected. This enables real-time data to be collected on time sensitive activities, and allows for faster decision times.
construction workers with thumbs up
Road design and construction activities are increasingly automated, modular and conducted off-site. This is resulting in safer production, reduced network disruption, increased productivity and smoother journeys for our customers.
construction worker on site
Ubiquitous use of innovative construction technology (e.g. automated plant) wherever practicable.
Roads infrastructure on screen
Detailed digital twins of all new schemes are built to support decision making of design and construction activities.