Digital Roads 2025 – Improving customers’ journeys

Our customers will be better informed and have trust in the journey information they access, ensuring that they feel safe and in control of their journey.

Our focus on Digital Roads means that each year our customers journey experience on the SRN will improve:

mobile in hand icon
"It’s easier to provide direct feedback on National Highways digital services."
incident ahead icon
"I’m better informed about delays through clearer variable message signs on the road."
person looking at their phone
"The Traffic England Web service has been improved and it is now easier to find useful live information about the Strategic Road Network."
person looking at their tablet
"The accuracy of information about planned road closures has improved and I have more confidence in the information I receive."
incident ahead on GPS screen
"It’s now possible for me to report an incident to National Highways through my wayfinding app, this helps clear the road faster."
Person in wheelchair looking at laptop screen
"The information I receive from National Highways is accessible and tailored to suit my specific needs."
person looking at mobile
"I’ve noticed that road incidents are cleared faster and I have more accurate information about any delays, so I can get to work on time."
person sitting at a desk in front of a computer
"The new data feed and map showing planned road closures has made my job of planning freight routes much easier."
Icon of an active variable messgae sign
"Variable message signs always allow me to react in good time to problems ahead."
notification on mobile icon
"I receive up-to-date roadworks/incident information through my wayfinding app – providing journey information that I can trust."
icon showing a sign about connectivity trials
"I am aware of the connectivity trials taking place on the strategic road network and am interested to see what this will mean for me."
icon showing and ipad and a customer service operative
"When I contact National Highways, I get a response back through my preferred channeland always know the status of my request."
Icon showing car on the road
"My commute is now more predictable as temporary road closures are cleared faster and I have reliable roadworks status information."
Icon showing a person standing in front of HGV
"The automated incident feed is vital when planning delivery routes and ensures that we meet our Just-in-Time deadlines."
icon showing multiple devices with the same message
"All digital channels and roadside signs provide consistent information and I don’t have to make a decision about which source to trust."
traffic officer talking into their radio
"It is helpful that Traffic Officers are able to use a digital tablet to provide me with up to date information when supporting me on the roadside."
icon of person sticking their thumb up
"I have trust in the journey information I access, and feel safe and in control of my journeys."