Our approach

Highways England has a methodical, organised and proven process to developing roads which all our projects follow.

Our approach

Working with stakeholders icon Working with stakeholders

Working with the local community and their representatives is integral to our work and a key part of how we develop projects.

As we develop our proposals we will work with stakeholders and key partners so their knowledge and experience of the A34 can inform our work.

Protecting the environment icon Protecting the environment

Oxford and many of the surrounding areas are of environmental value and we know how important these are to communities and stakeholders. We have a good understanding and appreciation of these key environmental considerations.

Protecting the environment and the places people think are important is central to our work.

We work closely with environmental bodies to seek their input and find solutions. We are committed to finding options that have the least impact and avoid, minimise or mitigate any potential impact on the natural environment.

Supporting the region Supporting the region

The A34 supports people and businesses locally. It is a key commuter route between the towns and cities along its length. It is also used by businesses to send goods and services around the country – and to bring goods and services to communities.

The area is a popular place to live and work and continues to attract businesses and people, keen to be part of its success.

We will take this into account as we identify potential options for improving congestion on the A34.

Consultation icon Consultation

We are currently developing options for improving the A34 that could reduce congestion and improve safety.

Consultation is an important part of our project development process and comes later when we have options for people to comment on.

Whilst we are at an early stage of developing our plans for the A34, we always welcome feedback so please get in touch if you have questions or comments.

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