Your questions answered

Your questions answered
The judicial review

In November 2020, a ‘Development Consent Order’ was granted by the Secretary of State for Transport for the A303 Stonehenge scheme. This was our legal permission to go ahead. A group called ‘Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site' (SSWHS) brought a legal challenge against the Department for Transport to contest the way the Secretary of State had determined and granted that consent.  

This was considered in the High Court at the end of June 2021 and we're expecting a ruling shortly. 

Q: If the tunnel is refused, will you still do any elements of the scheme? And will you have to come up with an alternative to it?

A; If the challenge is upheld, the whole 'Development Consent Order' will be quashed. That means we won't have permission to do any of the work we've proposed including the tunnel, Winterbourne Stoke by-pass or improvements at Rollestone crossroads. The Department for Transport will need to decide how they want to proceed. 

Q: What happens if there's an appeal? When will the works start if there’s an appeal?

A: At the moment, our planning has been based on a favourable outcome to the judicial review hearing, which would mean we start our preliminary works in August. If there is an appeal, we’ve been working with the Department for Transport and other stakeholders to decide what works we could do while that process is in motion. The extent and type of work we would do in this situation hasn’t been decided yet but could include work outside of the World Heritage Site for example. This shouldn’t impact on the start of our main works which is scheduled for late spring 2023.

Q: Can any more judicial reviews be brought by other groups?

A: No, the period of time when people could bring a case against the Department for Transport has now passed.

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