M32 Junction 2 Northbound exit slip road closure

A project to permanently fix the underside of the M32 junction 2 northbound exit slip road, which was damaged in a fire.

Start date 23 February 2020
End date TBC
Cost TBC

Latest updates

  • 13 July 2020

    Specialist team

    We’re currently working with our specialist team the permanent design solution to fully repair the road. This work is desk based and will take several months, and so for a while you won’t see any activity on site.

    We expect to start repair work on site in early 2021. In the meantime, our teams are regularly checking the structure, to ensure that if any issues arise they can be identified and dealt with quickly.

    For those travelling northbound (out of Bristol) and wishing to use the Junction 2 exit slip road, please be aware that weight restrictions remain in place. Only vehicles weighing under 3 tonnes are permitted to use it. All other vehicles, including light goods vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, buses and lorries travelling northbound and wishing to exit at Junction 2, should remain on the M32 northbound, exiting at Junction 1 (Hambrook) and returning via the M32 southbound to use the southbound exit slip at Junction 2.

    Restrictions in place for vehicles using the M32 junction 2 northbound exit slip road.

    We’d like to thank everyone for their continuing patience.

  • 13 July 2020

    Weight restriction

    Following the fire underneath the road in February, one lane of the junction 2 northbound exit slip road reopened to light traffic on 21 March 2020. A 3-tonne weight restriction, and a 2-metre vehicle width restriction remain in place, which means that only cars and motorcycles can use it.

    Buses, coaches, ambulances, fire engines, some light goods vehicles and all heavy goods vehicles should not use the northbound exit slip road, but should instead continue to use the official diversion.

    We have now thoroughly cleaned the smoke damage from the underside of the viaduct, and we’re working on the permanent design solution to fully repair the road. Most of the work we are currently doing is desk based – away from the site – and to protect the structure from issues associated with antisocial behaviour, we’ve removed the temporary scaffolding that we had put up.

    We expect to be back on site in early 2021, to complete the repair.

    Official diversion for vehicles weighing more than 3-tonnes, or over 2-metres in width

    Those using the northbound M32 and wishing to exit at junction 2 should remain on the M32 northbound, exiting at junction 1 (Hambrook) and returning via the M32 southbound to junction 2 (Eastville). The exit slip road on the southbound carriageway is unaffected.

Project information


On 23 February 2020 there was a significant fire underneath the junction 2, northbound bridged exit slip road. The fire burned at an incredibly high temperature, and caused significant damage. As a result, we had to temporarily close the exit slip road to all vehicles, while inspections were carried out.

One lane reopened for vehicles under 3 tonnes in March 2020. We are now designing a scheme to permanently fix the damage.

The aim is to fix the damage, so that traffic can run normally again, using both lanes of the exit slip, without any weight restrictions.


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