A30 Crooked Billet roundabout

Improving the Crooked Billet roundabout to reduce congestion, queuing traffic and journey delays during peak hours.

Start date May 2020
End date November 2021
Cost £6.4 million

Latest updates

  • 19 November 2021

    All major work now complete

    We're pleased to announce that we've completed work at the junction including extensive resurfacing of the roundabout, painting new road markings and making the new traffic signals operational around the junction to ensure they're running efficiently.

    Completing these outstanding activities enabled us to fully remove the traffic management from around the junction, which has been in place since Spring 2020.

    We will return to the junction before spring 2022 to plant new trees on the two centre islands, however, this work won’t be disruptive. All other work on the project is now complete.

    The key improvements delivered through this project include:

    • The introduction of new surface level crossings for pedestrians and cyclists
    • The widening and realigning of lanes and carriageways to improve safety and capacity for road users
    • New traffic signals, including a new controller system
    • More than 700 metres of new lanes for pedestrians and cyclists
    • Extensive resurfacing of the roundabout, including new white lining and road markings

    Further improvements include:

    • New pedestrian guardrails and bollards
    • New kerbs
    • Upgraded and renovated drainage
    • New street lighting
    • New signs which reflect the new road layout

    With construction work now complete, we will monitor how the junction performs to ensure the changes to the Crooked Billet meet our expectations in terms of both safety and performance.


  • 28 July 2021

    New road layout and pedestrian crossing

    Drivers approaching the Crooked Billet roundabout from Stanwell Moor Road are advised that a new road layout is now in place.

    Following the installation of a new pedestrian crossing on the A30 London Road, near the eastern end of the Crooked Billet roundabout, drivers wishing to turn left must use the new dedicated lane. The new pedestrian crossing operates as the traffic signals for this lane are set to red, enabling pedestrians to safely cross London Road while traffic approaching from Stanwell Moor Road is held.

    Drivers travelling from the A30 Staines Bypass eastbound towards the A308 Staines Bypass for Sunbury must take the dedicated left-hand lane around the roundabout and must not enter the central road through the roundabout to turn right. Another new pedestrian crossing is in place which directly links London Road and Staines via the large centre island of the roundabout. This crossing operates as the traffic signals for traffic around the roundabout are on red.

    Since the opening of the pedestrian crossing, a number of drivers have been observed using the new ‘ahead only’ lanes at the bottom of Stanwell Moor Road to incorrectly make a left-hand turn while the pedestrian crossing is set to green.

    Mitigation measures have been put in place to prevent any recurrence while motorists adapt to the new road layout.

  • 08 July 2021

    Traffic light and decommissioning of the subway

    Work to install new traffic lights and to decommission the old pedestrian subway will be taking place over three nights from Friday 9 July. 

    For everyone's safety, the A30 carriageway which runs through the centre of the Crooked Billet junction will be closed overnight between 8pm and 6am. Clearly signed diversions will be in place around the outer ring of the roundabout.

    Though we were unable to carry out the traffic signal work last weekend as originally hoped, the overnight closure on Friday 2 July was used to prepare the connections for the new traffic signals ahead of them being installed this weekend.

    The decommissioning of the old pedestrian subway, and opening of new pedestrian and cycle routes across the junction will now take place from Monday 12 July.

  • 11 March 2021

    Changes to daytime working and expected completion

    We are now more than half way through work to improve the junction. So far, we have finished activities including vegetation clearance, installing new drainage and creating a new layby for maintenance vehicles. We’ve also dug out areas around the junction, so the road can be widened, and the improved footways and cycle paths can start.

    Next, we will improve the street lights and traffic signals, and move the pedestrian crossing and bus stop on the A30 London Road. We will paint new road markings and close the existing subway.

    We have come across unforeseen challenges which require extra work. This means that we now expect to finish work by Winter 2021.

    Daytime working

    As less vehicles are currently travelling on the road, we have decided to do more work during the day rather than at night. This means we reduce disruption to nearby residents and businesses, and can increase efficiency. If traffic increases during the day we will decide on whether to return to working overnight.

    A30 London Road Temporary Bus Stop

    A temporary Transport for London bus stop has now been installed on the A30 westbound carriageway to allow our teams to safely relocate the existing bus stop.


    We continue to play our part in keeping the country safe and supporting the movement of essential supplies, services and people who cannot work from home. We are continuing to follow the government’s policy that construction activity should continue where it can be done safely.

    All our sites have strict safeguarding measures, in line with Public Health England guidance, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect workers and the public.

    To receive additional advanced notifications and updates via email or if you have any feedback regarding these works, please send your contact details to: JIP@connectplusm25.co.uk 

Project information


Improvements include realigning the east and westbound carriageway markings through the centre of the roundabout to avoid unnecessary lane changing and widening of the A30 eastbound exit lanes approaching the roundabout. 

The existing subway will be removed and replaced with new pedestrian and cycle routes across the roundabout. This will link into the new pedestrian/cycle routes towards Staines and Heathrow, to be installed by Surrey County Council. 

Other works will upgrade and synchronise the existing traffic signals to improve traffic flow. 

Widening the eastbound approach to the roundabout will reduce queues

The A30 eastbound approach to the roundabout has two sub-standard width dedicated lanes which operate as a single lane, thus reducing the capacity. Widening the lanes for a short section where the road bends to the left to enter the roundabout will allow the road to operate with two lanes throughout.

Reason for reducing the number of lanes through the roundabout

The A30 approach and exit lanes to the roundabout have three lanes, however there are four lanes through the centre of the roundabout. It is proposed to amend the carriageway markings through the centre of the roundabout, to remove the underutilised 4th lane, and provide three wider lanes. This will remove unnecessary weaving and improve safety.

Improvements proposed for the left turn from Stanwell Moor Road to London Road

A new toucan crossing is proposed as part of the new central route for pedestrians and cyclists crossing to Stanwell Moor Road. The left turn lane will hold traffic while the pedestrian crossing is being used and allow ahead traffic towards A308 Kingston to run at the same time.

Proposed traffic signal upgrades

The performance of the traffic signals on A30 Crooked Billet have been reviewed. We are proposing the introduction of a new signal control system which will improve the operation and efficiency of the junctions.

Proposed street lighting upgrade

We have reviewed the street lighting as part of this scheme. It is proposed to replace the existing high-pressure sodium lamps with more efficient LED lamps. In addition to being low energy they will also reduce light pollution.

Cycle routes

The new routes will link into the wider Staines Sustainable Transport Package (STP). This is a transport scheme which Surrey County Council and Spelthorne Borough Council plan to implement to make it easier for people to get around the area on foot, by bicycle and public transport. More information is available on the Surrey County Council webpage.

Frequently asked questions

Q Why are you removing the Bus Stop Layby east of Stanwell New Road?

The layby on the A30 London Road westbound direction is being removed as this will now form part of a new traffic lane. A temporary bus stop is in place throughout the duration of the works, with a newly relocated bus stop being reinstated at the end of the scheme, a short distance to the east of the existing bus stop.

Q What is happening regarding the footbridge to the south of the roundabout?

Residents highlighted in the October 2018 Public Information Event that they would like to see the footbridge kept where it is, and the design was adjusted to accommodate this. The use of the footbridge will be monitored following the completion of the scheme to see if its long-term retention is still merited. The footbridge is a Surrey County Council structure so they will make the final decision on whether the footbridge is redundant, either at the end of its serviceable life cycle, or before.

Q Why is the preferred route for pedestrians and cyclist through the roundabout?

A shared use footpath and cycleway is proposed to replace the current route via the subway. These proposed works will complement the wider efforts to enhance cycle route provision in the wider Staines Sustainable Transport Package, providing a link between Staines and Heathrow.

Q Why is the subway being removed?

The proposed design includes a proposal to improve pedestrian and cycle routes by replacing the existing subway on the A30 west side with a new route through the roundabout with new crossings. This will provide a safer and more direct link for both pedestrians and cyclists. The existing subway head height is sub-standard for cyclists. There have also been problems of anti-social behaviour and flooding issues. The subway is to be infilled and landscaped.

Q Why is the crossing adjacent to Stanwell New Road being moved?

The existing crossing is a two-stage staggered pedestrian crossing which does not cater for cyclists. Moving the crossing to the north allows the crossing to be a single stage crossing which will making crossing the carriageway quicker and easier for pedestrians and cyclists.


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